Jozef Vlk

Jozef Vlk having graduated at the Economics University in Bratislava in 1984, Mr Vlk is indeed a renaissance-like talent: he is author, stage director, musician, composer, choreographer, performer, light designer, and producer. In 1990 he founded, with Martin Ondriska, the movement theatre Hubris Company which was transformed into Debris Company in 1995. With a break from 1999 to 2004, the Debris Company has been on stage for 15 years.

After the foundation of the Hubris Company, Mr Vlk received a number of music-theatre scholarships (Graz, Amsterdam, Stuttgart). With the Debris Company he created over 25 productions that featured at international festivals and showcases (Festival Hybaj Ho!, Prague; Divadelní Flora Olomouc, Czech Republic; International Theatre Festival of Kerala, India; Festival Magie der Sprache, Austria; International de Danca de Recife, Brazil; Tanzschrittweise Graz, Austria; Off Europe, Leipzig, Germany; Theatre Festival Minsk, Belarus; 4front@ Murska Sobota, Slovenia; Singapore Fringe Festival; L1 Fest MU Színház Budapest, Hungary, etc.) As stage director and composer he worked with some of the leading names and theatres on a range of local and international music, stage and film projects: Matthew Hawkins (GB), Steinvoer Pállson (Iceland GB), Jodi Kaplan (USA), Bill Young (USA), Lloyd Newson, Marjolin Sinke (NL), Vinko Globokar (FR), Deborah Wargon (AUS), Anabela Žigová (USA), Martin Čičvák (CZ), Martin Burlas (SK), Moyzes String Quartet (SK), Milan Sládek (SK), Marta Poláková (SK), Šárka Ondrišová (SK), Jozef Lupták (SK), Dorota Sadovská (SK), DIVE Company (SK), Ballet Bratislava (SK), Slovak National Theatre ND Ballet and Drama Company (SK) etc. As musician he tends to work within acoustic and electronic new music, sound installation and mapping. He was active member of the groups Transmusic company (SK, CZ), Vitebsk Broken (SK), Vitebsk Sucks (AT), Gottverdämerung (SK, AT), Secatchi Dobroty (SK), TeaPeak (SK), Sleepy motion (SK), Double Affair (SK). He is convenor of stage and multigenre events and festivals Bazén, Priestor 98, Protéza, RDF Ružomberok. In 2003 a medium-length dance film Day was made about his directorial work. The film featured within the category of dance for camera at a number of festivals (International Film Festival and Azyl in Bratislava, Artfilm in Trenčianske Teplice, Cinedans in Amsterdam, Antimatter in California, etc.). In 2013 Radio Devín premièred Mr Vlk’s adaptation of the James Joyce novel Ulysses, for which he also composed the music. The play was nominated for the 2014 PRIX EUROPE in the category Radio Fiction in Berlin. In 2014 he made another radio play, Wryneck's journey to the moon based on the title by Gustáv Reuss, pioneer of Slovak sci-fi.

As stage director and author Mr Vlk received a number of awards: the 2008 DOSKY for Best Stage Music for Canto Hondo (elledanse, 2007), the 2012 the same award for the production of Rose/3Balet (Ballet Bratislava, 2011). In 2013 he was nominated for the Tatra Bank Prize for arts in the category Theatre for Best Director and concept of the project Debris Company EPIC, and, in 2014, in the same category for Best Director of the dance production The Tempest (SND Ballet, 2014).