About Catalogue

The section dedicated to directors provides an overview of the art made by selected contemporary Slovak directors to the general public. The project's initiative is a response to the need to capture, outline, and make accessible a part of contemporary directors' artwork and to fill gaps in the presentation of their art in Slovakia and abroad.

To ensure that international experts, artists, and the lay public become acquainted with the art of Slovak theatre, we are offering them comprehensive and informative profiles capturing the work of thirty influential Slovakian directors whose art has been shaping the contemporary scene.

The individual entries in the catalogue represent the chosen directors' work and describe the essential features of their directorial approach. They not only provide relevant biographical data but also offer lists and descriptions of their productions, helping to present their work in Slovakia and abroad. Each entry includes an essential characterisation of the directorial approach, tendencies when addressing particular themes, or focus on specific genres or collaborative work. Each director is also described in terms of their place in the context of Slovak theatre art. The profiles contain photographic and audio-visual material, which presents an overview of the directors' creative work.

Outlining the activities of Slovak directors within as broad a context and perspective as possible is also the result of an effort to support mobility and motivate artists to work in European theatres. Establishing a portfolio of contemporary Slovak theatre directors aspires to be one of the impulses to make it possible for Slovak directors to find their way to collaborate with international partners.

This section of the catalogue Slovenské scénické umenie/Slovak Performing Arts will continually expand to include more profiles of contemporary Slovak theatre direction representatives to cover the work of several generations of artists.