Dodo Gombár

Having studied stage directing, Mr Gombár graduated at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava in 1998. While at the Academy, he spent a year in New York on scholarship at the Circle at Square Theatre School where, as author-director, he presented his production Tell Me About Birds (1997). As student he already made a mark with his productions that displayed a sense of counterpoint, perception of characters and situations, and connection of visual aspects with directing (J. Gombár: ... So That Nobody Can Say That Nothing Happened Here That Night, 1994; T. Dorst: Fernando Krapp Wrote Me This Letter, 1995). After graduation he spent two years as staff director at The Slovak National Uprising Theatre in the city of Martin. His productions at the time were already well-defined: their interpretation was out of the box of the orthodox textual perception in both Slovak and global context: R. Gerhart – D. Gombár – A Pirate’s Tale (1996), M. Gorki: The Lower Depths (1998), W. Allen: Play Again, Sam (2001).

Over the years, Mr Gombár has been closely collaborating with a number of Czech theatres (incl. theatre Reduta by the National Theatre Brno, City Theatre Brno, The Bolek Polívka Theatre, Drama Studio Ústí nad Labem, The Petr Bezruč Theatre Ostrava, Theatre Švandovo divadlo na Smíchově). He is currently artistic director at the theatre Švandovo divadlo in Prague.

Mr Gombár is author of published plays Hugo Karas (1999), Between Heaven and Woman (2002), The Third Age (2002), Godless House (2008), Advent (2011) and Money (2015). He staged the first three – Hugo Karas at The Petr Bezruč Theatre in Ostrava (2006) and Between Heaven and Woman at the Theatre Company Frída in Brno (2011) and the City Theatre Zlín (2007), and The Third Age at the City Theatre Žilina (2009).  His texts have been translated into seven languages. As stage director and playwright he received several awards.