Jana Tereková

Dancer and choreographer, Jana Tereková launched her dancing career at the Theatre elledanse featuring in choreographies by Šárka Ondrišová. With her dance and dance-theatre projects that brought in major Slovak and international choreographers and directors, she promptly drew attention among professionals. In addition to Slovakia, her projects were presented in Germany, France, Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. In 2011 she received the Audience Prize at the festival Solo Duo in Budapest. She studied dance at the Centre National de la Danse in Paris.

Jana Tereková is, together with Soňa Ferienčíková, the founding member of the civic group bees-R that focuses on the production of dance and interdisciplinary productions with international dimension. The group has implemented a number of projects that brought exceptional cooperation among leading international and Slovak artists. The projects include She had 70 skirts (2018) that worked with the principles of puppet theatre, the multigenre production Mirroring (2017) that is original in integrating dance, poetry and lighting design, or the dance production Cyborg CREATION (2013) with poetic texts by Michal Habaj. The multimedia production Phenomena Research (2012) is an analysis and portrayal of the phenomena that surround man, as expressed by dance, music, video and digital poetry. They confront the perception of biometric data prior to becoming familiar with the person, and afterwards. The production raises the issue of the quest for source of information that can define us in most realistic manner. The production SEE (2012) links dance with sophisticated sound compositions as presented by the Swiss musician Silas Bieri and plain emotional power of songs presented by the Italian author of lyrics and musician Massimo Giangrande.

Ms Tereková collaborated on and also featured in a documentary production by Ján Šimko Steel My Heart (2012) inspired by the stories of people connected to the steelworks in the city of Košice, East Slovakia.

Together with Soňa Ferienčíková, Peter Šulej and Michal Habaj she worked on a project New Codices. The dance and poetry production drew from contemporary poetry, particularly from the collection Generator X: New Codices (Macsovszky, Habaj, Šulej). The production offers a commentary on the situation in present-day world: using concrete cases and images, the authors – assuming the position of decadent thinkers and artists – ridicule dated clichés, conformism and interpersonal conduct. It is a unique combination of movement and text. With the help of parody, self-mockery and sarcasm it opens the world of absurdity.