Patrik Lančarič

In 2000, Patrik Lančarič graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava where he majored in theatre direction. In 2002 – 2004, he was the artistic director of the drama department of State Theatre Košice. After the completion of his studies, Lančarič regularly worked with numerous Slovak state-funded as well as independent stages (Slovak National Theatre, ASTORKA Korzo ’90 Theatre, Slovak Chamber Theatre in Martin, Studio L+S). In Europe, he has directed projects and productions in theatres in the Czech Republic, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, England, Holland, Portugal and Switzerland. At present, he works for film, television and radio. He is also interested in non-professional theatre, which he has been observing from the position of a juror at competition showcases. In August 2017, he started working as the artistic director at City Theatre Zlín (Czech Republic) where he already worked in the past as a visiting director.