Adriana Totiková

Having studied Slovak language and aesthetics at the Faculty of Letters of the Comenius University, Ms Totiková went on to pursue studies in directing and dramaturgy at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. She held a number of international scholarships and sabbaticals abroad (Akademia Teatralna Warsaw, Institute Polonicum, EF International School in New York). She made her mark with a production of her own play Woman Overboard (having written the play under the pen name Ria Kotibal) that earned her a nomination for DOSKY for Discovery of the Season 2008/2009. Her productions feature regularly at local and international festivals (World Festival of Children´s Theatre in Toyama, Japan; Jiráskův Hronov, Zlomvaz, Czech Republic; Week of Slovenian Drama, Kranj, Slovenia; Dia de Muertos, Cleveland, USA, etc.). As a freelance stage director she collaborated with a number of theatres, including Theatre Aréna, Malá scéna STU, City Theatre Žilina, Studio 12, Bratislava Puppet Theatre, and Teatr Collegium in Warsaw. She has written stage plays (Woman Overboard, Hooray, Luxury! Or Those 1990s, Woman on the Edge) and scenarios for televised productions. Ms Totiková also translates stage plays from Polish (M. Walczak: Amazonia, Moose Hunting, The First Time; I. Villqist: A Great Girl Like You). She also works for film and television.

Her tutorial and lecturing portfolio includes a number of areas. In addition to being an acting coach, as a lecturer she specializes in acting (workshops, lectures, masterclasses). She is the author of the projects Child Actors that seeks and tutors child acting talents. She is also the author of the concept of learning module and course Actor in Front of Camera.