Jaro Viňarský

Dancer, choreographer and performer, the founder of OZ SKOK!, Mr Viňarský (1978, Vranov nad Topľou) studied, between 1996 and 2001 ballet choreography at The Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, to continue his studies in dance choreography at The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

From 1998 to 2000 he was member of the professional Theatre Dance Studio in Banská Bystrica. At the time he worked as performer with a number of international choreographers, such as Simone Sandroni, Julyen Hamilton, Irene Stamou and Frey Faust. he then placed the core of his work in Prague.

His first solo project Sorton earned him, in 2001, the second prize at The Jarmila Jeřábková International Choreography Competition in Prague. In the same year he founded, together with Tomáš Krivošík, the dance group duWAdance. They developed the successful projects Vnútorné práva and, in 2002, Malé podobenstvo. In 2003 they premièred the joint evening consisting of two solo projects, Uletená pieseň and Nikdy nezaliaty čaj, which earned them the second prize at the 2003 Jarmila Jeřábková International Choreography Competition in Prague.

For his solo project Posledný krok pred he received in, in 2006 the prestigious Czech award Cena SAZKY in the category Discovery in Dance along with the Spectators’ Award at the Czech Dance Platform. In collaboration with the Grotowski Institute in 2007, he created the male quartet Paisyn.

Since 2004 he has been closely collaborating with the French–Belgian dancer and choreographer Karine Ponties. The output of their mutually inspiring creative relationship includes, for instance, the projects Mi Non Sabir (2004), Holeulone, that received the Belgian critics’ award for best dance performance in 2017, Havran (2008) and Humus Vertebra (2009).

Mr Viňarský is laureate of the prestigious New York Dance and Performance Awards / The Bessies 2013 in the category Outstanding Performer for the project The Painted Bird / Bastard as choreographed by New York-based Slovak artist Pavol Zuštiak. As performing artist and co-author he participated in the Slova–Bulgarian project Kalbo (2011) as directed by Petar Todorov. With the Czech director Petra Tejnorová he created a number of exceptional and artistically progressive productions, such as LIFEshow, My Funny Games, Midsummer Night’s Dream. Their most recent joint project, You Are Here, is a guide through the presence and human relationships. In 2017 You Are Here received the Spectators’ Award at the Czech Dance Platform.

In 2011 Mr Viňarský founded the group SKOK! dedicated to the promotion of Slovak contemporary dance and its accessibility to wide public through lectures, workshops and other activities. He closely collaborates with the culture centre Stanica Žilina-Záriečie and Záhrada – Centre for Independent Culture in Banská Bystrica. Along with his choreographic activities, he recently runs dance masterclasses for professional dancers and, particularly for non-professional dancers and other professionals.