Debris Company

Stanislava Vlčeková (1981, Martin), a graduate of The Ján Levoslav Bella Conservatory in Banská Bystrica, Stanislava Vlčeková went on to pursue studies in modern dance pedagogy at The Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. Since 2011 she is cooperating with the Department of Acting at the Faculty of Theatre, The Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. In 2003 she founded, together with Renata Bubniaková and Lucia Kašiarová dance group MY3 where she was co-author and dancer. She often collaborates with the theatre SkRAT, Theatre elledanse, and a range of theatre- and film-makers (such as the stage directors Roman Polák, Kamil Žiška, Martin Čičvák, Michal Vajdička, Peter Bebjak, Rastislav Ballek, Marián Amsler, or the choreographer Šárka Ondrišová).

She is a core member of the physical theatre Debris Company, as a choreographer and performer. For the Debris Company she has created choreographies to the music by Jozef Vlk for the productions Soliloquy (Theatre Aréna 2006), Dolcissime Sirene (Chamber Studio of the Slovak Radio 2007), Ortopoetikum (A4 – Space for Contemporary Culture 2007), Hexen (Theatre elledanse 2010), MONO – together with Peter Jaško (Theatre elledanse 2010) and EPIC (Theatre elledanse 2012).

Ms Vlčeková is fascinated by the physical potential of human body that invites exploration of new opportunities of linking the movement. She convenes and runs intensive workshops for professional dancers, tutors, choreographers and actors in Slovakia and internationally.

She is laureate of a number of awards, including the 2004 Jury Prize at the 12th Saitama International Dance Contest in Tokyo as co-author of choreography for the MY3 group and the production My Tri My Try (Theatre Aréna 2002); the 2009 TAOS prize as the Dancer of the Season in contemporary dance for the production Hexen; the third prize at the 2012 Festival of Choreography Miniatures in Belgrade for her choreography Rose for the Bratislava Ballet (Theatre Nová scéna 2011).